Vivotto Caffe is inspired by Piedmont, and enlivened by Provence.

Our food is honest, fresh, and natural, using ingredients sourced locally in France and from Italy.

We like to think you can live a little with Vivotto. It’s cooking sans frontières.

Our story

Our chef, Charles, grew up in Avignon. He fell in love with risotto on trips across the border to Piedmont.

Since then, he hasn’t stopped cooking and experimenting.

Our vibrant, everyday food, is inspired by one of Charles’s culinary heroes: an Italian ‘Mamma’, who runs an agriturismo in Aosta.

She makes her own wine, grows her own vegetables and is constantly perfecting her sauces.

Charles experimented with his ‘fast food’ risotto over 100 times in 6 months before Mamma gave it her approval as worthy of its Piedmont heritage.

We opened our first café, called Risotto & Co., in Avignon in 2012. Thanks to customer feedback our range has grown to include everything from handmade pasta to hearty soups to homemade juices and so much more.

We’re now called Vivotto – inspired by Piedmont, made with the passion of Provence. It’s cooking sans frontieres.

Our food

Our chef, Charles, is really into rice.

He specialises in making the best tasting risottos, using fresh and natural ingredients, inspired by authentic, gourmet cooking from Piedmont. And not an artificial preservative in sight.

Using those same natural ingredients, we make our own pasta and as if we weren't busy enough, our soups, salads, desserts and juices are all homemade too.

Most of our food is in recyclable jars – so you can eat in or takeaway, hot or cold. And if you return the jars we use them again and again…

Charles uses his training in Michelin-starred restaurants to bring exquisite flavour and French flair to complement the honesty, simplicity and freshness of everyday Italian cuisine. Live a little with Vivotto - it’s cooking sans frontieres.

Italy? Or France?

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We’re passionate about great tasting, happy-making food. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what people are saying about our cooking:


We offer a delivery service in Avignon centre seven days a week via Deliveroo.

We offer a delivery service in Agroparc at lunchtimes from Monday to Friday.

To order, send us an email or call us on 04 25 38 89 before 11:00am.
Minimum order €8.


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